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    Start the week in style this August with up to £10 off all dishes and soft drinks, from Monday to Wednesday. click here

    Breakfast is back. Join us from 8am on Saturdays and 9am on Sundays.


    Discover exclusive dining, just for you. Our private dining room is now open.



    We’re delighted that our doors are now open, offering a beautiful yet safe destination for everyone.

    Our number one commitment remains the welfare of our guests and employees as we take these first steps together. We want you to have an amazing time and we want to help you do this with confidence.

    Whilst your experience still remains a priority, the restaurant has implemented the highest standards of health and safety, ensuring both guests and employees are dining and working in confidence and in a safe environment. Measures include thermal cameras for temperature checks, the use of tracking software for all employees logging daily temperature readings over a seven day rolling period, and professional deep cleaning and disinfecting on a daily basis.

    The restaurant’s concern is not only to give guests and employees the most positive of experiences, but also to ensure that health and safety is paramount. Further information can be found here.

    We look forward to welcoming you to enjoy a host of exciting, creative cocktails and delicious dishes.

    Best Wishes,

    The Ivy Chelsea Garden Team

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    Find us

    The Ivy Chelsea Garden
    195 -197 King's Road
    London SW3 5EQ
    Book a table
    • Monday - Friday: 11:30am-12.30am
    • (Last booking 10.45pm)
    • Saturday 8.00am-12.30am (Last booking 10pm)
    • Sunday & Bank Holidays: 9:00am-12.30am (Last booking 10pm)
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